I really like writing. I like talking, for the most part. I even like talking about my writing. But I absolutely do not enjoy reading my writing aloud, unless it’s to my mom or husband.

Most writers are expected at some point to read their work to a listening crowd. You’d think it would get easier. For me, it hasn’t. I get transported to the days of oral book reports, where I waited to faint at any moment in front of the class.

I have yet to come across a piece of advice that will help me get over my jitters. Now, if the audience would just turn the other way…

So as the date approaches for the annual Afternoon with your Local Authors, I am conjuring any number of excuses to not make an appearance. Perhaps I may make a request to those who attend: when it’s my turn to read at the podium, please close your eyes. This will help me immensely, and it might just help you to picture in your mind what I am reading.

In all seriousness, there will be some great storytellers to give you quite a treat. Come and listen to them!