That music is a major influence in my writing, let alone my life, could be an understatement. I like to say that music is my drug of choice. There are many musical influences that come in to play when writing on any given subject.

The words from a song may conjure any number of images in my head, helping to form the basis of a poem or story. Even each instrument has its own voice that speaks to my imagination.

I have the makings of a story—plot, characters, setting—all in my mind after hearing one particular song. I plan to write it all down someday soon and give it life (when I’m not working on other things).

So, the other day when I was listening to “When the Music’s Over” by The Doors (speaking of drugs), I was able to separate each instrument including the vocals, and hear what they were trying to say. The song evokes a certain time and place. I can feel it affecting me like a psychotropic drug.

It got me thinking as to what the song would have sounded like live, and how I wished I could have experienced it myself. But more importantly, it gave me the idea to write that very scene for my time-traveling teen, Alice. She and I will hopefully enjoy it.