Blinding Light

by Lisa M. Griffiths

Blinding Light

by Lisa Griffiths

Motti Lepido rose from a fitful sleep. The morning sun had waltzed through the cave entrance, casting a bright light he could not ignore. Today would be the day he finally left this place.

Over many months, he nursed his wounds. He still thought of the cause of his pain every day. How could he forget Francesca? He’d been in love before, been burned in many relationships. Francesca was different; Motti barely made it out alive.

So here he was in the dark, dank cave scraping up the nerve to move forward and leave the past behind. He cleaned himself up, fluffed up his antennae, and made sure his wings weren’t too wrinkled. He’d lost some weight and his pants hung loosely. He cinched his belt, and stepped out into the sunlight.

He made his way into town, avoiding the stares of passersby. He knew he looked disheveled but took comfort in the thought that he would buy some new clothes—perhaps some cologne—at the store. But first things first: he stopped at a coffee shop for some green tea. On his way out, he accidentally bumped into a woman.

“Oh, pardon me, madam,” he said softly, and stepped aside.

She had a lovely smile. “It’s quite all right, but thank you.”

Motti’s gaze followed her as she walked away. She really was a lovely woman. A car alarm sounded nearby, shaking him from his reverie. Enough of that, he scolded himself. Who needs it?

Days turned into weeks, and Motti was getting on with his life. He’d found a job, hung out with a group of friends on the weekends, and worked hard to build up his diminished self-esteem. On more than one occasion he ran into an old flame while at a bar or in the grocery store. He was pleasantly surprised to find they had no hold over him; he could smile politely and not feel his heart skip.

Motti was such a personable fellow, and loved going out socially. He had no problem striking up a conversation with anyone. At times, when he’d meet a new woman, he gave his best effort to stifle his eagerness, and keep it on friendly terms. They would flirt with him, and sometimes he’d flirt right back. But a small voice in the back of his mind would caution him: Be careful, kid. You’re not too good at these serious relationships, better if you backed off. You don’t want to get burned again, do you?

He listened to the voice, and was very proud of his level of maturity. Things were going so well for Motti. Until the day he met Natalia.

It was a Thursday night at the John Bull Pub. Motti had gone with a couple of coworkers for happy hour. They were seated at the bar nursing their beers. He turned his attention toward the dartboard area where a small group was noisily challenging another.

That’s when he saw a beautiful young lady with honey-colored hair. She had an infectious laugh. She made a sweeping motion with her hand for the others to move aside while she took her turn to throw.

Motti watched, transfixed, as the woman took aim, and let the dart fly. It was as if someone turned the volume down of all the noise in the bar. He found himself holding his breath. And then— bullseye!

The young lady took a bow, then retrieved her dart from the board. As she made her way off to the side with her friends, she looked Motti’s way.

Their eyes met, and his antennae gave away his excitement. She smiled the loveliest smile, and began to slowly walk toward Motti. He took a swig of beer but his mouth was still dry. There was no mistake about the sashaying of her hips, and the gleam in her eyes.

Motti was once again falling. It was because of this, perhaps, that he could not see the faint aura of flames that seemed to surround the woman.

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